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Comments about Good Numismatic Dealers

This page is always under construction.

To make a comment about a dealer on this list, please e-mail me and tell me who the dealer is and tell me if you had any satisfactory/unsatisfactory dealings with the particular dealer. I will post your comments, without any identifying information (that is, your name and e-mail will not be displayed on this page.)

NOTE: Some of these comments may be edited by me to remove any objectionable words/obscenities, or to correct spelling/grammar.

Comments about Larry Abbott

I deal quite a bit with Larry and find him to be a very knowledgable and fair
grader.  A pleasant attitude and good buys greet you every time.

Comments about Irv Atkins

Irv Atkins - I have had excellent dealings with him on Collector's Auction and 
have only questioned 1 of about a dozen coins that I bought.  It was a 1911S XF 
Wheat Cent.  Careful examination at 30X revealed that his grading was correct, so it 
was more of my perception of eye appeal so I kept the coin.

Comments about Bach's Coin Box

Bought an Indian cent from Bach's Coin Box at a Long Beach show.  I spent a 
long time looking through his box of cents and was not hurried or pressured.

Comments about Neal Osina/Best Variety Sports Cards and Coins

We hear so much these days about unscrupulous dealers that I thought it 
would be appropriate to post something regarding an excellent one.
Earlier today, I posted a message regarding something called a "Finned Rim" and asked for some assistance 
regarding a possible valuation and what it was.
When I bought the quarter, the dealer said it was an error as it had been 
minted with metal meant for a half dollar.  It was quite thick on one side and it 
sounded more than reasonable.
I brought the coin back to the dealer this evening and as soon as he saw 
the ANACS encapsulated coin and their written opinion that it was in fact NOT struck 
on half dollar stock, not only did he immediately apologize and give me a cash refund 
for the $118.75 I paid for the coin, but ALSO insisted on paying the entire ANACS 
charge of $34.00!
In other words, he gave me, in cash, $34.00 MORE than I originally paid 
for the coin.  I had never even considered asking for reimbursement for the $34.00 
I spent getting the coin graded.
The dealer's name is:
Neal Osina
Best Variety Sports Cards and Coins
In my opinion, this man exemplifies everything that is good about our hobby.  You can 
bet I'll be going back to him in the future and giving him my business!

Neil Osina is/was ---- and always will be --- one of the best dealers around.  
Not just in Errors and/or Varietys.. but in everything he does: Always ready 
to answer a question or just 'chew the fat' a bit..  And he's a storehouse 
of knowledge!!  If ever you spot him at a show (he's hard to miss..  as you 
will learn) or drop into his shop .. just try NOT getting a response from him; 
be it serious or jocular..

Comments about Jack Beymer

Jack Beymer has the reputation of one of the strictest graders around.  His 
prices seem high, but I have never heard of anyone accuse Jack of overgrading.  FWIW.

I second that motion.  Jack lives nearby and frequents all of the local coin 
shows.  His coins tend to be graded *very* strictly, PQ for the grade and kinda 
overpriced.  Although Mrs.  Beymer says it, "where else are you going to find a piece 
that nice?"  He specializes a bit in large cents, and always has a wonderful 
selection of these for sale.  If you just look at the advertised grade from Jack 
(and not the price) you almost certainly will not be disappointed when you see the coin.

Comments about Jim Blythe

Small mail order dealer in mostly collector coins between $10 - $100
Outstanding, very fairly grades,  prices excellent, takes charge cards, quick turn around.  
I've probably bought from him 20 times and have returned only twice for coins I just 
didn't like.  Alway discloses any problems in his ads.  Have never been surprised.
I'm reluctant to let everyone know about Jim because as it is, it's hard to
get his better coins.  They move very quick.

Comments about Brooklyn Gallery Coin & Stamp, Inc.

It is a real nice little shop.  Antiques, coins, stamps.
Not a HUGE coin company, but a nice little shop.
The man  there is really nice and he gave me my Whitman coin folders $0.50 less!!

Comments about Equity Standard

I would HIGHLY recommend a coin dealer, Equity Standard, in Wichita, Kansas.  
While their prices are usually higher than those listed in the bi-monthly Coin Prices 
(Usually less than 10%) their grading is always exceptionally accurate and could darn 
near be used as examples for the ANA Grading Guide.  If anything I feel that their 
conservative grading probably hurts them BUT when they buy they use the same 
standards.  People may feel that they are being ripped on the grading but if they check 
back they would discover that the coin is being sold as the same grade for which it is purchased.  
As an example I purchased a VF 1909S Indian Head that, with the exception of the upper right 
arm of the Y in liberty, probably should have graded XF or XF+.  They agreed but explained 
that they felt that the weak Y made it a VF.

Comments about Fox Numismatics/Donald Fox

The reason is that I telephoned a order in to him, for the very first time, I 
wanted to buy two coins and have him hold two coins, and without me paying for 
them he sent the the four coins along with an invoice.  Real trusting.  I also 
sent several coins in on trade and he gave me good prices for my coins.  I highly 
recommend him for the list.  He mainly deals with Canadian, Newfoundland, New 
Brunswick, and American coins.

Comments about George Eggimann Rare Coins

Look this man up if your in the market for GSA CC Dollars.  Properly graded
material at very fair prices.  I deal with him on approval, and have never
sent a coin back or questioned pricing.

Comments about Al Johnbrier

Another fair dealer with good pricing and proper grading.  I've never received
a lousy coin from Al.

Comments about Jonathan Kern

He is a very reputable Ancient Coin Dealer. You will pay retail, but he will 
ship what you order. No overgrading.

Jonathan Kern is a fine gentleman with excellent merchandise.

I happily second [snipped] comments about gentleman Jonathan Kern.  He
always is helpful promoting the hobby by working with the news media when
reporters and camera crews arrive at a show, such as Long Beach or the ANA.  
Jonathan lets me borrow a big, Roman bronze coin or two because it always
amazes reporters that you can have a genuine, 2000 year old artifact anyone can
buy for $20 or less.  (We show the reporters the higher priced goods, too, but
it impresses the media to learn that age is not the determining factor in the
value of coins.)  Thanks, Jonathan!

Ordered a few times from this gent and he has sent properly graded material
every time.  Pricing is very fair.

Comments about Larry Briggs Rare Coins

Larry Briggs sent many of the coins to Kevin Flynn when he published the
book "Two Dates are Better Than One" referring to Misplaced Dates and worked
with him on the book.  He also has the only leading resource book on Seated
Quarters.  He is a top notch authenticater and is considered one of the
best in his field.  Scarce coins are his cup of tea.

While I have never dealt with Larry, I have met him at the ANA Summer
Conference, and know that he has been MOST generous and supportive of
the YNs (buying auction lots at high prices, then donating them back for
reauction...that sort of thing).  That speaks highly in my opinion, and
he seems like a nice guy as well.

Comments about Louisville Numismatic Exchange Inc.

I have been dealing with them for many years. I've bought great coins for good 
prices and get a good cash discounts good trades when upgrading my collections.  
They carry a large selection of American, foriegn, gold, commemorative, paper, 
(any thing numismatic).

Comments about Mike Bristow

My experience with M&L Coins (Mike and Linda Bristow) is overwhelming.  They have 
always been honest and fair with me.  For example:
On one occasion his credit card setup wasn't working properly and he e-mailed me and 
gave me his home phone number and told me to call him collect.  We chatted a good while 
on the phone and he was very informative.  Mike likes EAC.
On another occasion Mike forgot to mail my coin.  He was honest about what happened and 
did not try to cover up the situation.  He gave me a 10% discount on my next purchase for 
the inconvenience.

ML coin auction - Mike Bristow -  Bought from a few times.  Never any problems.  
Coins fairly graded and problems disclosed.

Comments about Bill O'Rourke and Debbie Lehman

They've sold me two very nice Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies (1983 reverse
and the attached 1980 obverse), both coins were accurately attributed
and very fairly priced.  They even sent an extra coin with the last shipment.
They also held my checks until I received the coins and e-mailed back my
approval - IMHO a good way to foster trust among total strangers.

Comments about Quadriga Ancients

I highly do recommend Kevin. I have purchased some nice coins from him. He deals in Ancients.

Comments about Scott Travers

Scott Travers's Company is good too.

Comments about Williams Gallery

According to HIS OWN Biography on NOL, a former PCGS grader.  
I plan on bidding in his NOL auction, and I've been doing a little research on him myself.  
All his raw coins are guaranteed his grade.  If he says a coin is MS64, for example, 
he guarantees if slabbed, would come back the same or higher.  He has a 30 day money back 
guarantee on his raw coins.  I asked some questions on the Newsgroups about him, and I've 
got back good comments.

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