FAQ for my Numismatic Web Sites

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1. Why have you not listed e-mail addresses in the present form of username@domain?
Because of recent spamming and the latest breed of clever spammers, I decided to show e-mail addresses in the form of 'username [at] server [dot] server [dot] ... [dot] domain [dot] (com, edu, org, etc.) {[dot] (ca, uk, etc.)} in order to foil spammers for the time being. Apparently, I've been realizing that I might have been spammed from e-mail address harvesting spammers who harvest e-mail addresses from web pages.

2. What are the substitutions for symbols being replaced?
It's simple: They are:

3. How is a trader distinguished from a dealer?
A trader is mainly a collector who infrequently buys/sells coins/currency...he just buys coins/currency and sells them when he has upgraded or he sells a hoard, but a trader is in reality a part time dealer and he is just enjoying the hobby. A dealer, is a full time dealer who buys/sells coins for a living, and it is shown that most of these dealers have web sites. So in short:
Trader -- Collector who enjoys the hobby and does not make a living out of buying/selling coins/currency.
Dealer -- A person (even a collector) who buys/sells coins/currency for a living.

Got anymore questions that need to be placed in this FAQ? If so, please contact me at ncheung [at] lynx [dot] dac [dot] neu [dot] edu OR nicholas1 [at] rocketmail [dot] com.

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