Nicholas's Numismatic Pictures!

Welcome to my numismatic pictures page! I just started scanning coins and I hope I did a good job in scanning those coins. Of course, when pictures of more coins are available, I will add more links to them! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: You may use these pictures for your personal use only, and commercial use without my permission is not allowed, as I have spent time scanning these coins to upload to my page for your enjoyment, and these pictures are not to be used for commercial purposes without my permission. Thank you!

Some Highlights of My Coin Collection in Pictures...

#1 An always desirable 1921-S Half Dollar in Fine...Obverse and Reverse.
#2 A nicely toned 1923-S Peace Dollar in Mint State...Obverse and Reverse.
#3 A brilliant 1935 Peace Dollar in Mint State...Obverse and Reverse.
#4 A nice circulated example of an 1890 Seated Liberty Dime...Obverse and Reverse.

More pictures coming soon!

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