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Welcome To My Good Numismatic Dealers Page!!!!

This page is always under construction.

This page will be constantly updated, so check back often for changes in this list.

Perhaps these numismatic dealers listed below may help you with your needs.
This list also contains the names of dealers who have contributed to the betterment of the numismatic community, whether through educational programs on coin shows or assistance over the Internet.
Just e-mail or snail mail them and ask.

New philosophy on traders: I will no longer list any person who is considered to be a trader, and not a dealer, as I will assume all traders act in good faith and integrity and are honest and law-abiding unless proven otherwise. If a trader is proven to be bad/rogue/questionable, that trader will be listed in the Bad Numismatic Dealers/Traders Page, or the Neutral Numismatic Dealers/Traders Page, whichever is appropriate.

An asterisk in front of the dealer's name means s/he has done business with me, therefore, they are MY OWN references just in case you have any doubts about doing any deals with me or them.
Note: Nobody is perfect, and therefore I don't expect anybody in this list to be perfect, so a few complaints/negative feedback is normal, but if I receive too many complaints on a certain dealer here, I will remove that dealer's entry from this page. Anybody who is listed on this page is expected to be held to a higher standard.

The rules for the 'Good Numismatic Dealer List' are:

  1. If you make a deal with me and all goes smoothly, without any problems whatsoever, with the exception of Mother Nature (ie Acts of God) and few other exceptions, I will put your name on my 'Good Numismatic Dealer List.'
  2. If YOU want to be on this list, please have your references contact me and I will consider you. If your references are already on this list, so much the better.
  3. If you want to be on this list automatically, no references needed, just simply do a deal with me: note the asterisk to some names who have.

If you have any recommendations, please e-mail me and give the name and e-mail or URL of this dealer you are recommending.

If you are already listed below, but do not want your name on the list due to privacy or other reasons, let me know and I will remove your name off the list immediately.

Check back often... there will always be more good dealers on this list!

If you have comments to say about any particular dealer, please E-mail me.

Here are the good dealers (listed in Alphabetical Order):

Name URL/E-Mail/Location Comments Specialties
Abbott, Larry Comments
American Coin Online American Coin Online
*AmeriCoins AmeriCoins
Anthony's Currency, Coins and Collectibles Anthony's Currency, Coins and Collectibles
*Astoria Antiques
*Atkins, Irv Comments
*Bach's Coin Box Comments
Baker Numismatics Baker Numismatics
*BAS Rare Coin Gallery BAS Rare Coins Gallery
*Bay Area Coin Exchange
Best Variety Sports Cards and Coins/Osina, Neal Alhambra, California Comments
Bexley Coins Bexley Coins and Collectables
*Beymer, Jack H. Jack H. Beymer Comments
Bill's Best Coins Bill's Best Coins
Bills' Coins/Allain, Bill Bill Allain's Coins
Bird, Doug Hermosa Beach, California U. S. Early Copper Coins
Bitterroot Gold & Silver Gallery Bitterroot Gold & Silver Gallery
*Blythe, James Comments
*Boccuti, Tony Buffalo Nickels
*Boutin, Roger
*Brooklyn Gallery Coin & Stamp, Inc. Brooklyn Gallery Coin & Stamp, Inc. Comments
*Brown, Roald
*B Squared Coins B Squared Coins Web Page
*Burch, Bryan
Burress, Rod Cincinnati, Ohio U. S. Early Copper Coins
Calgary Coin Gallery Calgary Coin Gallery
*California Numismatic Funding California Numismatic Funding
Capital Currency, Inc. Capital Currency, Inc. U. S. Currency Errors
Causey's Rare Coins Causey's Rare Coins
*C. F. M. C. C. F. M. C.'s Home Page
*Charlie's Collector Coin Florence, Massachusetts
*Christenson, David
Chuck D'Ambra Coins Chuck D'Ambra Coins
*Coin Buyer, The/Falconer, Seth
*The Coin Shop/Cline, Mike The Coin Shop Home Page
*Copper Penny Copper Penny
*DaNutt's Errors DaNutt's Home Page about the 1878-P Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-P Morgan Dollar Varieties/U. S. Error Coins
*Dan Walker Rare Coins Inc.
David Lawrence Rare Coins David Lawrence Rare Coins
*Davis, Ray
*DeChristofaro, Harold
*Dickerson, Dennis
*Eagle Eye Rare Coins Eagle Eye Rare Coins, Inc. Flying Eagle/Indian Cents
*EBW Coin EBW Coin
*Engelken, Jeff
Equity Standard Witchita, Kansas Comments
Falcon Coins Falcon Coins
*Finkelstein, David
Fox Numismatics/Fox, Donald Comments
*Fraind, Stanley
*FYACoins/Blanchard, Dan
George Eggimann Rare Coins Comments
*Gifts 'N Stuff
*Gold-N-Guns/Cooper, James Gold-N-Guns
*Great Lakes Coin Company Cleveland, Ohio
*Gruenke, Steven
Hancock & Harwell Rare Coins and Precious Metals Hancock & Harwell Rare Coins and Precious Metals Rare-date U. S. Gold Coins, Charlotte and Dahlonega Mint Gold Coins
*Haver, John
Heritage Rare Coin Galleries Heritage Rare Coin Galleries
*Hill, Michael
*Hodges, Dave
*Horton, Russell
*Jerry Bickers Rare Coins
*J. J. Teaparty J. J. Teaparty
Johnbrier, Al Comments
Karoleff, Brad
Katz Coins Katz Coins
*KC Coins
Kern, Jonathan Lexington, Kentucky Comments
*Kirk's Coins Kirk's Coins Page
*Lagniappe Books
*Larry Briggs Rare Coins Larry Briggs Rare Coins Comments Seated Liberty Silver Coins
*Larry's Coin and Stamps Larry's Coins and Stamps
*Latter, Ernie
*Lawless Coins Lawless Coins Company U. S. Error Coins
*Lay Z Poet Certified Coins Lay Z Poet Certified Coins
*Liberty Numismatics/Bozarth, Ron
Louisville Numismatic Exchange Inc. Louisville, Kentucky Comments
Lutz Trade Coins Lutz Trade Coins
McCawley, Chris U. S. Early Copper Coins
McGuigan, Jim N. Versailles, Pennsylvania
*Menucci, Bill
*Miller, Charles
*Mitchell, Richard
ML Coin Online Coin Auctions ML Coin Online Coin Auctions Comments
MS Coins/Slaten, Marion MS Coins
*Musil, Steven Kearney, Nebraska
Numisprop Incorporated Saddle Brook, New Jersey
*Olmstead's Coin Shop
O'Rourke, Bill and Lehman, Debbie Comments
The Ortega Island Coin Company The Ortega Island Coin Company
*Ourso, Lynn New Orleans Type Coins Page New Orleans Mint Coins, Seated Liberty Silver Coins
*PB Silver PB Silver
*Pearse, Larry
*Peter Johnson Currency Peter Johnson Currency's Web Page
Pocket Change Pocket Change Canadian Coins
*Pollock, Victor
*Powers, Don
*Praetorian Numismatics Praetorian Numismatics Ancient Coins
*Prechtl, Andrew
Quadriga Ancients Quadriga Ancients Comments Ancient Coins
*Randy Hart's Stamps and Coins Randy Hart's Stamps & Coins For Collectors
*Regency Coins Regency Coins
R & I Coins R & I Coins Cameo Proof Coins (1950-1970) and Gem Franklin Halves
Rauch's Rare Coins and Collectibles Rauch's Rare Coins and Collectibles
Reynolds, Tom Omaha, Nebraska U. S. Early Copper Coins
*Rousseau, Bruce
*Rudd, Ronald
*Schugars, Kenneth
Shawnee Coin Company Shawnee Coin Company Tokens and Exonumia
*Skinner, Michael
*Small Cents II Small Cents II
*Socorro Coins
*Sriro, Gary
*Stat-Matics Stat-Matics Page
*Taylor, Buck
*Thierault, Dave
*Travers, Scott Scott Travers Rare Coin Consumer Protection Page Comments
*Turner, Marcus
*Van Houten, Barry
Virg Marshall III (aka Penny Merchant) Wymore, Nebraska Lincoln Cents
*Waldrop, Mark
*Wells, John Milford, Pennsylvania
Williams Gallery Williams Gallery Comments
*Worobetz, John
Young, Chris B. Pasadena, Maryland U. S. Early Copper Coins

To see the comments of the good dealers listed here, click here.


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