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The Anti-Family Of Eagles Home Page

This page is always under construction.

As you numismatists who read rec.collecting.coins know, the Family Of Eagles company, based in Texas, has been advertising to sell their Gold 1/10 oz. American Eagles for $72 (or $63(?)), and claim that they are devoted to reducing the National Debt of the United States. Well, in reality, Family Of Eagles is just plain scum trying to rip-off any honest, law-abiding, hard-working people by any means they have, which has now included the flaming of several regulars of the Usenet newsgroup, rec.collecting.coins

Special Thanks To Everyone who contributed to this page. I welcome any and all URLs/links regarding anything about FOE or their minion companies... To contribute, please send me e-mail.

Here are some anti-FOE logos for you to download:

Anti-FOE logo #1
Anti-FOE logo #2
Anti-FOE logo #3

Family Of Eagles is on Permanent Numismatic Death Penalty. What that means is now Family Of Eagles will be permanently NDPed until they go out of business. Since the probable offenses are quite serious ranging from false advertising to pyramid schemes, I feel that this action was warranted and justified.

Here are some links to articles that I downloaded from DejaNews that describes how bad the Family Of Eagles (Web site http://www.famofeagles.com) are...

Also, I have removed some of the headers and all names, message-IDs, etc. on some of the articles.

Here is a document on how Family Of Eagles tries to get more hits to their web page, (presumably to find more people to rip off...): Document #1

Here is a document to actually see why Family Of Eagles was expelled from a Florida Coin Show....: Document #2

Here is a document to show how much "lobbying muscle" Family Of Eagles has or how persuasive Family Of Eagles is: Document #3

Here is a document to show who Family Of Eagles choose as targets for their "investment plan" (really a scheme): Document #4

Here is the reaction from someone who visited the Family Of Eagles Web Page: Document #5

Someone inquiring about Family Of Eagles:
Original Post -- Document #6
Respose By Tony Campagna trying to convince her to join the "plan" (really a scheme) -- Document #6A
Response to Tony by a r.c.c regular -- Document #6B
"Rebuttal" by Tony to the response made by the r.c.c regular (a flame, nonetheless) -- Document #6C
Re-Rebuttal by the fellow r.c.c regular to Tony -- Document #6D

A r.c.c regular posts a list of violations that Family Of Eagles may be cited for (and that list is LONG!): Document #7

A response from a r.c.c regular to Tony's clueless posts/profanity: Document #8
A response from a r.c.c regular to Tony's flame with profanity: Document #8A
And Tony's angry response...: Document #8B

A recent court decision against Family Of Eagles... Document #9
One reaction to the decision: Document #9A
One very terse reaction to the decision. IMHO, I think the punishment is too lenient: Document #9B
Someone wonders how will Family Of Eagles pay the fine levied on them: Document #9C

Someone actually collects from Family Of Eagles!!!! Document #10

Tony Campagna's responses (usually flames to rec.collecting.coins regulars, both by e-mail and news posts)

Tony's E-Mail Flame #1
Tony's E-mail Flame #2 (to me) (Probably in response to my anti-FOE web page being up).
Richard's E-mail Flame #1 (to me) BAD BOY, Richard!
Shaun's E-mail Flame to me... From a hotmail.com address from all places! Maybe a troll? But I think it is more likely "hate" e-mail directed at me...
Tony's E-mail Taunt to me... Tony will never learn until he is busted or his company is busted...
Tony's News Post Flame #1 and one of Tony's many lies and trash trying to portray Family Of Eagles as a "good" company.
Tony's News Post Flame #2

Here is a statement from the U. S. Mint concerning the Family Of Eagles.
Here is a press release from the Better Business Bureau concerning the Family Of Eagles.


A News Flash about the true colors of Family Of Eagles
The Real Deal, a letter from the US Mint
Beware of Multi-Level Company Selling Gold Coins: Press Release from the BBB.
State of Idaho's prohibition on promotion of "Gold Unlimited" becomes permanent News Flash "Gold Unlimited" is a Kentucky-based company similar to Family Of Eagles, if they are not already related to Family Of Eagles.
Pyramid Scheme Alert From Prodigy regarding Gold Unlimited

More to come soon.....

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