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Comments about Bad Numismatic Traders

This page is always under construction.

NOTE: Some of these comments may be edited by me to remove any objectionable words/obscenities, or to correct spelling/grammar.

Comments about M. Earl Kennedy

I won an auction lot of 3 1970-S Small Date Cents in MS67RD. When I received the coins, two of the three coins slipped out of their 2 x 2's and the third probably graded MS65RD or MS66RD at best, IMO. The other 2 coins probably graded somewhere between MS63RD and MS64RD. Also, all three of the coins were Large Date cents, and not the small dates. I sent three (or four) e-mails to this guy and the first two (or three) he didn't respond to and the third (or fourth) bounced. Apparently, I also received an e-mail from another person who won that same lot (It was a Dutch auction at eBay), and told me that he had trouble trying to contact that person and that he also received Large Date 1970-S cents and not Small Date 1970-S cents. But what is strange is that the other winner of the lot got his money back. So I'm out $81.10 for 3 coins that are worth only $0.50 at most. Also, he had a rating of positive 11 or 12 before he himself was cancelled from eBay.

Comments about Alan Sass

I paid for a coin from Alan Sass in early July 1997 and have yet to receive the coin. Had heard bad about him from others but thought I would try an inexpensive purchase from him. Should have just thrown the money in the Mississippi!!

Comments about Charles Benner

I am a coin collector from Russia. I am collecting World Coins. Several years I have coin trade with collectors all over the world. Coin trade by mail give opportunity to get coins which are not available in my country. I enjoy not only in coin trade but also contacts with coin collectors all over the world. I have friends in different countries. But some coin **collectors** are very strange. In 1994-95 I had coin trades with Mr. Charles F. Benner. from Pasadena, MD, USA. About three years [ago] I sent him Russian coins from his wantlist and got from him nice US coins. But in 1995 I had not reply from him after I have sent him coins valued more then $100. Some months later I have sent him a letter with the question: What happened but had no reply. I thought may be he have problems with health or worse. But in 1996 my mate said that he had correspondence with Mr. Benner from Pasadena. After two coin trades my mate had no replies from him. I tried to write Mr. Benner again but had no reply. Now I think that it is some sort of business for Mr. Benner. May be it is misunderstanding but I have reasons to think that it is not misunderstanding. May be Mr. Benner is ON-LINE and I would like to hear what he thinks about it. Or may be somebody know Mr. Benner from Pasadena?

Comments about "Dr. Robert Greco"

We received a nice phone order around Thanksgiving for some slabbed Saints $20 from a Dr. Robert Greco of Florida. The sale came to $1890, and he put it on a Visa card. I called the Visa authorization number, since this was a large transaction. They gave me a validation code, so we shipped the order. About 2 weeks ago Visa sent me a letter that the card number is no good and they had already debited my account for $2223. The extra is because it is from a Norway bank and they are charging ME for 2 currency conversions!!!! What a Christmas gift!!! We are a small coin shop lucky to clear couple of thousand a year after bills and taxes. Am I stupid to think that if the Visa 800 number approved the card, and issued me an authorization number, that I had nothing to worry about?

I hope that among everything else, you reported this case to the FBI. That so-called "Dr. Greco" is engaged in interstate wire fraud, a very serious federal crime, and the FBI will undoubtedly interview every party involved. Your VISA service company may decide its better not to take advantage of you once they hear the feds come a-calling.

We just got an unsolicited fax order for about $5000 worth of gold and platinum coins from a 'doctor' in Longwood, Florida. He gives a credit card number and wants the coins shipped overnight to his 'clinic' so he can have them before he leaves for an 'important medical symposium'.
This smells like a fraud, and when you ship a credit card order to someone without the cardholders signature, you are responsible if turns out to be a fraud!!!

That "doctor" sent orders to dozens of dealers on COINNET.....it is completely bogus.

This has been widely publicized on "Coinnet" recently. Several dealers have reported getting solicited...be careful...

Comments about "Stuart Long"

Any parties having dealings with the Barnett Bank in Tallahassee, Florida by a person representing himself to be an officer of the bank ordering coins or bullion should be aware that there is a fraudulant scheme being perpetrated by a person representing himself as STUART LONG.
Contact David Whitehurst of Barnett Bank IMMEDIATELY if someone representing himself as STUART LONG has contacted you. David Whitehurst can be contacted at (850) 561-1910 or faxed at (850) 561-1965.
This fradulant deal has been attempted on ABBOTT'S in Birmingham, MI and SILVERTOWNE in Winchester, IN.

To make a comment about a trader on this list, please e-mail me and tell me who the dealer is and tell me if you had any satisfactory/unsatisfactory dealings with the particular trader. I will post your comments, without any identifying information (that is, your name and e-mail will not be displayed on this page.)

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