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Welcome to my Neutral Numismatic Dealers Page!!!!

This page is always under construction.

In every hobby, there is a share of good dealers and a share of unsavory, unscrupulous and bad dealers and also a share of neutral dealers as well, where no one can speak either or bad about those types of dealers, or where there is no known opinion, or where there are mixed reviews about those dealers. Of course, using those 'neutral' dealers involves some type of risk-taking, so if you decide to do business with dealers listed on this page, just be careful, and be vigilant.

The rules for this list are:

1. Any dealer who has a mixed record on file, will be listed here.

2. Any dealer who is listed here that improves his/her rating significantly will be removed from this list and be placed in the Good Dealers List.

3. Any dealer who is listed here that worsens his/her rating significantly will be removed from this list and be placed in the Bad Dealers List.

If you like to say anything about any of the dealers on this web page, e-mail me and your name/email will not be disclosed when I publish your comment on a page linked to this one.

A star before the name of the dealer means I have done business with that dealer in question previously.

For the Offenses:

Category B - Bad Customer Service is divided into these subcategories:
BL - Being too slow to ship merchandise/refund money
BR - Reneging on a deal -- It can be any of these below:
1. Not sending money to the other party for a coin that s/he bought or won in an auction.
2. Not sending the coin(s) after money has been received by him/her.
3. Not following through with the return policy as described in his/her advertisment.
BZ - Other Kind of Bad Customer Service not listed above

Category F - False/Misleading/Deceptive Advertising is divided into these subcategories:
FA - Altering/Defacing Coins
FC - Cleaning Coins in a way that harms the coin
FD - Dipping Coins
FO - Overgrading Coins
FW - Whizzing Coins
FX - Counterfeiting Coins
FZ - Other Kind Of False Advertising not listed above
S - Spamming (in any form)
T - Telemarketing & Overcharging -- Charges more than 40% more than what (the higher of Coin World Trends, Coin Dealer Newletter (CDN, aka Greysheet), Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter (CCDN, aka Bluesheet), or the Pink Sheet (Indian Cent pricing guide, available at Eagle Eye Rare Coins, for Indian Cents only)) say the price of a properly graded coin would be for a majority of coins (and appears on Home Shopping Channels, Sunday Newspaper Inserts, etc.)

For the notes:
P - Probationary Neutral Rating

Here is the list of numismatic dealers who I have received a mix of satisfactory and unsatisfactory reports on: (in NO particular order)

Neutral Dealers/Traders With Web Pages:

NameURLDate AddedCommentsAlleged OffensesNotes
*Fox Valley Coin Exchangehttp://www.foxvcoin.comJuly 31, 1997CommentsFO

Neutral Dealers/Traders With E-mail:

NameE-mail addressDate AddedCommentsAlleged OffensesNotes
*Perry Suszek (JR Coin Center)pernicinc@lakefield.netJuly 31, 1997BL, BR, FO
John Durancappy@discover-net.netMay 8, 1998Comments to be added shortlyBZ, FZP

Neutral Dealers/Traders With No E-mail or Web Pages:

NameWhere is this dealer located?Date AddedCommentsAlleged OffensesNotes
*Continental Collectibles (was Foothill Coins & Collectibles)Van Nuys, CaliforniaJuly 31, 1997CommentsBR, FO, FZ
The Coin DepotGreenville, South CarolinaJuly 31, 1997CommentsFO
Bob Kelly's Rare CoinsSan Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaNovember 5, 1997CommentsFD, FO
*Littleton Coin CompanyLittleton, New HampshireMay 8, 1998CommentsT

To read the comments about all the dealers listed on this page, click here.

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To find out who to avoid, go to the Bad Dealers Page or the Bad Traders Page.

Want to see who the Good Dealers/Traders are???? Then you can go to the Good Dealers Page or the Good Traders Page.

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