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Welcome To My Good Numismatic Traders Page!!!!

This page is always under construction.

This page will be constantly updated, so check back often for changes in this list.

Perhaps these numismatic collectors listed below may help you with your needs.
Just e-mail or snail mail them and ask.
Some have web pages and they are provided here instead of their Internet address.
An asterisk in front of their name means s/he has done business with me, therefore, they are MY OWN references just in case you have any doubts about doing any deals with me or them.

Note: I have substituted words for symbols in e-mail addresses. Here is the key:
[at] = @
[dot] = .
[dash] = -
[uds] = _

Note: Nobody is perfect, and therefore I don't expect anybody in this list to be perfect, so a few complaints/negative feedback is normal, but if I receive too many complaints on a certain trader here, I will remove that trader's entry from this page. Anybody who is listed on this page is expected to be held to a higher standard.

The rules for the 'Good Numismatic Trader List' are:

1. If you make a deal with me and all goes smoothly, without any problems whatsoever, with the exception of Mother Nature (ie Acts of God) and few other exceptions, I will put your name on my 'Good Numismatic Trader List.'

2. If YOU want to be on this list, please have your references contact me and I will consider you. If your references are already on this list, so much the better.

3. If you want to be on this list automatically, no references needed, just simply do a deal with me: note the asterisk to some names who have.

If you have any recommendations, please e-mail me at nicholas1 [at] rocketmail [dot] com and give the name and e-mail or URL of this trader you are recommending.

If you are already listed below, but do not want your name on the list due to privacy or other reasons, let me know and I will remove your name off the list immediately.

Check back often... there will always be more good traders on this list!

If you have comments to say about any particular trader, please e-mail me at nicholas1 [at] rocketmail [dot] com and tell me.

Now here are the good traders... (In NO particular order)

Here are the good traders with WWW pages:

*Bob Bakondi (aka Buffalo Bob)Penny LaneBuffalo Nickels
*Matt Hays Matt's Coin Collecting & Trading Page
*Rowan GillsonRowan's Home Page
*Porter WightmanThe Korg Krew Homepage
*Pete/Julie CalerPete and Julie Caler's Homepage

Here are the good traders with e-mail:

*Kenneth Barnettthegemman [at] juno [dot] com
*Gary JenningsBuffalogar [at] aol [dot] com
*Alan Willisswillis396 [at] aol [dot] com
*Bill McBroomWMcbr15867 [at] aol [dot] com
*Todd and Richard Kruegertcoins [at] jadetech [dot] com
*Anna Dimitrakaannad [at] hol [dot] gr
*Craig A. Rathkampcraig [at] certechsys [dot] com
*Bob DewanBobDewan [at] aol [dot] com
*Barbara Stokelyjde [at] erols [dot] com
*Eric JusticeEHjustice [at] aol [dot] comMorgan/Peace Silver Dollar VAMs
*Andy Zorcawj9jrg [at] utc [dot] campus [dot] mci [dot] net or wj9jrg [at] juno [dot] com
*George Papandreougpapandr [at] ix [dot] netcom [dot] com
*Larry BranchLawrenc195 [at] aol [dot] com
*Steve WhittinghillSWhitti442 [at] aol [dot] com
*David Quachdaveq [at] juno [dot] com
*Kyle Reed and Amy Burgoonabigail [at] idir [dot] net
*Thomas Hartrath [at] snet [dot] net
*Chris KinneyChris [dot] Kinney [at] nmp [dot] nokia [dot] com
*Jason Cratonjaycob [at] televar [dot] com
*Daniel Hannigandhgto68 [at] concentric [dot] net
Henrique Ferreirahenrique [dot] ferreira [at] usa [dot] netComments
*Don Hinemandhineman [at] aol [dot] com
*Ben Thurnbat20 [at] bcni [dot] net
*David Lawsondavlawson [at] dialpoint [dot] net
*Bruce Purpurajoka [at] mediaone [dot] net
*Peter Goldenpgolden [at] mindspring [dot] com
*Suzie Goodmanboozo [at] webtv [dot] net
*Charles Millermomdad52 [at] aol [dot] com
*Jeff Szczerbinskijszczerb [at] cisco [dot] com
*Heather Arnoldgpwhite [at] solarstop [dot] net
*Jim Poteetpozhovel [at] swbell [dot] net
*Paul Fluesmeierob1 [at] idir [dot] net
*Blake Angus-Andersonblakeaa [at] snip [dot] net
*Richard Maurensilvadel [at] eclipse [dot] net
*Jim Barkerbobinni [at] aol [dot] com
*Marcus Turnermaturner [at] iquest [dot] net
*Henry Hutsonhphutson [at] ldd [dot] net
*Dan Blancharddpblanch [at] gte [dot] net
*B J Rhodesbjrhodes [at] tctwest [dot] net
*Mitch Spivackmjcapc [at] aol [dot] com
*Kevin Koellerkkoeller [at] netunlimited [dot] net
*Paul Tidswelltidswepa [at] epo [dot] gov [dot] on [dot] ca
*Jason Saundersjws14 [at] cornell [dot] edu
*Tina Crouchtdcrouch [at] ix [dot] netcom [dot] com<
*Russ Halltweek [at] shianet [dot] org
*Ray Towerraymcbt [at] bbtel [dot] com
*Michael Olivermoliver [at] bwave [dot] com
*Peggy Aprilpapril [at] ici [dot] net
*Barry Sharpinsite1 [at] flash [dot] net
*Tom Wicklundwicklund [at] netcom [dot] com
*Bob Wraybob [at] wico [dot] net
*Dallas Kentdkent [at] youngminds [dot] com
*Charles Trubeeonafox [at] bigfoot [dot] com
*John Reesejereese [at] swbell [dot] net
*Bill Klusaritzbillklu [at] bellatlantic [dot] net
*Dante Gorrusodgorruso [at] aol [dot] com
*Larry Littonclaudia [at] citynet [dot] net
*William Kitchingwkitching [at] pbtcomm [dot] net
*Michael Cassadypacesunbirds [at] worldnet [dot] att [dot] net
*Tom Dabrowskidabrowski [at] centuryinter [dot] net
*Cal Troutmanctrout01 [at] aol [dot] com
*Brian Dutilleydutilley [at] cyberportal [dot] net
*Jack Sandsshifty [at] pacbell [dot] net
*Harold DeChristofarodecris [at] expresshost [dot] com
*T. Langenbacksamaritan [at] rotfl [dot] com
*Dennis Lowryvvalhalla [at] aol [dot] com
*John Scrogginsasijohns [at] aol [dot] com

Here are the good traders with no e-mail and no WWW pages:

NameWhere is this trader located?CommentsSpecialties

To see the comments of the good traders listed here, click here.


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