Guidelines To The Numismatic Death Penalty

The Numismatic Death Penalty is a list that is compiled twice a month that exposes perennial/constant/long-time problem dealers/traders in numismatics who overgrade, clean, or otherwise misrepresent/abuse coins (except for the cleaning of ancient coins), paper money, scrip, tokens and medals in order to hurt numismatics/collectors, and represent those dealers who us numismatists should not do business with.


1. I will post these Guidelines on the 5th and 20th of each month with the rules on the Numismatic Consumers Protection Bulletin.
2. This list will be posted to rec.collecting.coins and the Coinmasters Listserv (if you are a member of Coinmasters....Be a member of Coinmasters here!) and any parts that pertain to paper money will be posted to rec.collecting.paper-money, and any one there may request the full report on request by e-mail.
3. Any dealer/trader who is already on the bad list for at least two issues of NCPB (ie, one month) is eligible for inclusion in the NDP list.
4. Only those dealers/traders who have chronic shortcomings, problems, complaints, etc. will be considered.
5. I will take an account of how many complaints/praises for this particular dealer/trader for the one month period.
6. Those dealers/traders who have an exceptionally high complaints-to-praises ratio shall be placed on the NDP list.
7. Any dealer/trader who has been NDPed shall not be eligible to be removed for a minimum of two issues of NCPB (that is, one month).
8. Any dealer/trader who has been NDPed shall be reviewed after the one month period for further complaints and praises. If there are no praises of any kind (even if there are no complaints), then this dealer/trader shall remain on the NDP list for at least one more month. If this dealer/trader has cleaned up his/her/their act with a very high praise-to-complaint ratio, then this dealer/trader will be removed from the NDP list, but will be monitored closely. Usually that action is not granted unless if this dealer/trader has no complaints against him/her/them.
9. Permanent NDP means that this dealer/trader will never be removed from the NDP list, and this is a serious black spot on the record of the dealer/trader on the numismatic community, and this action will only be taken as a last resort and only for extreme offenses (eg, counterfeiting or selling a counterfeit/altered date/MM coin) and that can be imposed on any day and will so be noted on the next issue of NCPB. No matter what the dealer/trader does, he/she/they will never be removed from the NDP.
10. Any dealer eligible for the NDP is going to be highlighted in its own voting booth page: The Numismatic Death Penalty Voting Booth Page.

Any questions can be directed to me by E-mail.

Nicholas "The Nickelman" Cheung

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