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Welcome to Nicholas's Numismatics Page!!!!

Welcome to my numismatics page! I am a coin/paper money/token collector. I have been collecting for about 10 years now. I started on foreign, then some tokens and finally on US coins 2 years ago. I am about to enter my 3rd year as an ANA member (ANA D-170821, "D" means student membership), I am also in Coinmasters, CM Member #93, the World Bi-Metallic Coin Collectors Club (WBCC) [Member #62], The Full Horn Buffalo Nickel Club and SDDCA [Member #R-305].

Info About Me

The most important Numismatic Literature you will need...

1. The Most Current "A Guide Book Of United States Coins" by R.S. Yeoman (aka "The Redbook").
2. "Official ANA Grading Standards for United States Coins" by the ANA.
3. "The Coin Collector's Survival Manual" by Scott Travers.
4. "Photograde" by James Ruddy.
5. "PCGS Official Guide To Coin Grading And Counterfeit Detection" by Scott Travers and David Bowers.
6. "The Cherrypickers' Guide To Rare Die Varieties" by Bill Fivaz and J. T. Stanton.
7. "Bill Fivaz's Counterfeit Detection Guide" by Bill Fivaz.

What I collect

Basically, I collect almost anything, coins, foreign banknotes, some arcade/transportation tokens and also even casino chips/tokens.

What I do not collect

United States paper money that is from circa 1870s to circa 1920s. The same also applies to Ancient coins. I don't have much knowledge in either field. But there are exceptions...

Some of my collecting objectives currently...

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If you can help me with my needed coins (and if I am in an active season, subject to the restrictions under "Note:" on my Numismatic Projects Page)...

1. Give me an e-mail and in the e-mail, tell me what you are offering and what you are asking for. (it could be a cash amount, or you could ask for a trade.)

2. I usually will e-mail back to you in around 24 hours or so with my response.

3. I then, if I do accept the offer, I will send the check within 48 hours of that e-mail, or if it is in the case of a trade, I will send my coins at the same time as you send your coins. (Please give me at least 24 hours advance notice before you send me your coins, so I can send you my coins at the same time you send me your coins.)

4. If all goes well (including the grading and any descriptions you give), then you will be put into My Good Numismatic Dealers Page or My Good Numismatic Traders Page.

5. If you decide that you want to return the coins I sent you, you have seven business days (Mondays-Fridays, excluding holidays (including Chinese New Year)) from your date of receipt to return the coins to me, (therefore, your postmark must be dated during the return period) and I will send you back your coins/money under the terms of #3 above.

6. If you are thinking about ripping me off, you better turn back now, because if anything goes wrong on your part, (with very few exceptions (eg, Acts of God/Mother Nature)) then your name/e-mail will be kept in a log, and will be put into my Bad Numismatic Dealers Page or my Bad Numismatic Traders Page for web surfers and potential numismatic customers to see.

You can see me in eBay and CollectorsAuction from time to time...

To see the good numismatic dealers/traders on the web, you can look at My Good Numismatic Dealers Page or My Good Numismatic Traders Page.

To see the dealers/traders with mixed reviews, you can look at My Neutral Numismatic Dealers Page or My Neutral Numismatic Traders Page.

To see who the rip-off/con artists on the web/world are, look at My Bad Numismatic Dealers Page or My Bad Numismatic Traders Page.

To find out some of the worst rip-off/con artists of the web/world, look at The Numismatic Death Penalty (NDP) page.

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